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With many people seeking a Plab B or a fresh start abroad, be it in terms of relocating or investing, there are very few countries in the world as favorable as Turkey, in terms of affordability, practicality, safety, hospitality, history, weather, strategic geo location and quality of life. Turkey offers foreign investors an easy opportunity to start companies, do business and have free trade in the country as a foreigner without much red tape or complicated legalities. To obtain a Turkish Passport (Citizenship) or Permanent Residency visa through various channels such as investing in real estate or bonds or other business investments.

Having lived in Istanbul, Turkey, as an entrepreneur in the food, toursim, real estate and business sector for 3 years,
I have familiarised myself with the local and international business market as well as the culture, history, language and lifestyle. I have learned to fall in love with this amazing city.

As both a businessman and South African expat, I understand the requirements of South Africans and expats in terms of business and living abroad, by utilizing my experience and expertise in the industry, I  aim to make the transition as seamless as possible.

We offer strategic immigration solutions to individuals and families seeking to start a new life in Turkey.

We provide professional advice and services pertaining to Long term Temporary Residence Permits, Residence Permits by investment in real estate, Turkish Citizenship by investment, and establishing a business in Turkey.

My team of professionals and I will help you to set up in Turkey by assisting you every step of the way, whether you choose to move abroad or simply to do business in Turkey from your country of residence.

We specialize in helping clients resolve their most urgent requirements, questions, issues, or projects & immigration in Turkey.

We work across a huge range of roles and industries and share our gift of analyzing information and identifying the best path for each individual to take.
We have at least a few years of experience under our belts in these particular fields or focus.

We work with multiple companies at one time which have many years of experience in the respective fields.

Overall, it’s our job is to solve the request which you have hired us for to the best of our knowledge and capabilities.

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