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About Us


Dedication to Unparalleled Service Is Reflected in Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Salaahaddin Global is a South African owned consulting firm based in Istanbul, Turkey.

We have a team of professionals both in South Africa and in Turkey to ensure that we can provide the best possible solutions for our clients who want to immigrate, invest or do business in Turkey.

Our team consists of accounting and legal firms in both South Africa and Turkey, as well as a panel of various consultants and experts to assist with all our clients needs ensuring and securing proper compliance on all investments, business opportunities and other interests between the countries

We cultivate an open and entrepreneurial mindset in all that we do. We work collaboratively with each other and our partners to win together. We work with rigor, simplicity and agility to deliver exceptional results. Propelling our company and the industry forward takes passion and expertise.

Looking for a Reliable Dedicated Partner?

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